15050 Omak Electrical Belly & Abdomen Heater

Belly & Abdomen Heater

15050 Electrical Belly & Abdomen Heater

Provides a good alternative in case of a need of heat build against the health problems around the belly-abdominal area.

This product can ve very useful especially for people that suffer from abdominal pain, muscle contractions and cystitis.

We recommend the use under the supervision of a doctor.

Technical Specifications :

Code Volt Ohm Watt Amp. Heat Control
15050 220 AC. 1490 32 0,148 61015
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Our range of health products is designed specifically and separately for every part of body where an additional heat is required.

In addition, we have a multi-purpose mat that you can use in your car which is fed by either 12 V DC or city current.

For such needs which had been met by heating up bricks or wrapping up with a towel or thermoform, this product that we developed with temperature control provides a level temperature value in a constant rate.

Under conditions like rheumatism, arthiritis and sciatic, and for immersions, our health products may be beneficial. However, the right course of action is always taking medical doctors consultation first.

The products are ready to use in a water resistant, easy to clean and removable cover.

You should pay attention to the product not to be wrinkle during use. None of our products are used in folded or wrinkled conditions.

Our heaters should not be used with another heater or a source of heat.

The heater should be unplugged when not in use.

Our products should be used in compliance with their intended purpose.

Please contact us for your different needs.

Our health products are specifically designed for our clients who suffers from a health problem which the presence of heat has a positive effect on.

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