61013 Electronic Temperature Control Device

61013 Electronic Temperature Control Device

The pendant switch is the part in a heater that is designed to switch on and off the device as well as to perform the temperature control.

It controls the temperatures between 0-110 ⁰C with the accuracy of 1 ⁰C.

You can switch on and off by pressing the up key for 2 seconds and you can adjust the temperatures in 5 stages by pressing the up and down keys.

It is convenient to unplug when not in use.

This switch, which we have developed for our products such as electric heating pad, belly heater, knee heater etc. is also compatible for the use with heat bands.

It is bundled with a market grade sensor cable.

When plugged in, it operates with default temperature.

The temperature setting is conducted with +/- keys.

If required, factory settings can be restored.

In order not to change the settings, you may lock the keys and unlock them when necessary.

The set value of the temperature is displayed via green light.

Dimensions :

Code Width Length Height
61013 ?? mm. ?? mm. ?? mm.

pdf Instruction Manual :

In order to benefit the most from the heaters that we manufacture, we had to develop our own temperature control devices.

Therefore, we developed the temperature control devices according to the specific requirements of every work, from small to big.

Joint characteristics of our temperature control devices;

A) The electric feed is on made on the device.

B) They control the temperature with 1 ⁰C degree of precision.

C) Because we programmed them with PIC, we can run the systems in a certain logic.

D) For the temperature measurement under 100 ⁰C , because of the characteristics of the sensor we use, we use shielded sensor wiring between the device and the point of measurement.

E) Some our products are manufactured with the variants, running with K type thermocouples for the temperature control requirements of 100C or above..

F) As the result of the use of semi conductors, you can make millions of switch on-off without the risk of short circuit.

G) The sytems consist of a wide array of devices that can answer to any need.

H) It can measure the temperatures of different points and evaluate the data according to a certain logic.

I) A lower minimum and upper maximum temperature limit is programmed to our heating systems for safety reasons.

J) Any intended temperature is entered as default.

K) It is possible to change the operation temperature. If desired, you can change the default temperature value too.

L) In order to prevent interventions, the devices come with a keypad lock.

M) The specially manufactured devices are made according to the order. They are not covered in this section.

The explanations, instruction manuals and programming animations are detailed on the side.

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