VY001 Insulation Jacket for Barrel

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Insulation Jacket for Barrel

VY001 Insulation Jacket for Barrel

This product prevents the escape of the heat to the surrounding environment by isolating the drum from the environment.

That enables the user to obtain full efficiency from the heater.

This especially enables the heater to reach high temperatures values in cold environments.

Specification :

Code Type Gross Weight Cartoon Dimensions cm.
VY001 Insulation Jacket for Barrel 25.800 gr. 110 x 60 x 40
Frequently Asked Questions on Barrel Page

We developed a patented and special product for heating up IBC tanks, barrel and drum heaters that are required in many branch of industry.

Barrel Heater is attached to the drum or tank by a Velcro fastener shaped as a band. The temperature control device on the system keeps the temperature at the desired levels.

As you may see from the table below, we present our flexible Barrel Heater to your attention in six different kinds.

The first and second ones share the same size and dimensions. The main difference is the properties of 61016 and 62012 temperature control devices.

Our third and fourth Barrel Heaters are at a size of a barrel and encompass the barrels completely. In addition, our product with the designation V1185 has a 62012 temperature control system that controls the temperatures below 100 °C. And our product, designated as V2185, has an electronic temperature control device, 62912, which is a more powerful variant and may very well be used for temperatures below 250 °C

Furthermore, in order to protect the barrels and drums, upon request, internal and external we produce insulation jackets for indoors and outdoors. The main difference between indoor and outdoor insulation jackets is the fact that outdoor jackets are manufactured from silicon textiles due endure heavy weather conditions such as snow and rain.

The intended temperature is input to our temperature control devices that we program with PIC as default. In order to prevent a overheat failure, the upper limit of temperature that the client demands is programmed into unit.

The user can re-program the default temperature value within upper limits.

Technical Specifications of the Barrel Heaters :

Code Type Width Length Volt AC. Control Device Watt Cartoon Dimensions
V0182 Barrel Heaters 25 cm. 182 cm. 220 61016 1525 27 x 27 x 27 cm.
V1183 Barrel Heaters 25 cm. 182 cm. 220 62012 1525 27 x 27 x 27 cm.
V1185 Barrel Heaters 85 cm. 182 cm. 220 62012 1.850 27 x 27 x90 cm.
V2185 Barrel Heaters 85 cm. 182 cm. 220 62912 1.850 27 x 27 x90 cm.
V3185 Barrel Heaters 85 cm. 182 cm. 220 63032 2.000 27 x 27 x90 cm.
V4185 Barrel Heaters 85 cm. 182 cm. 220 63932 2.500 27 x 27 x90 cm.
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