When using the heat bands, please follow the directions below

Explanations for the picture on the left side:

1. Picture shows the finishing of the heat band,

2. Picture shows the packed heat bands,

3. Picture shows the application of the heat bands.

When applying the product please follow the below indicated points;

4. Picture The heat band should be coiled in with certain intervals,

5. Picture The heat bands should not come in contact with each other when coiled,

6. Picture the heat bands, under no circumstances should overlap,

7. Picture the heat band should not be bent.

Our devices that you can use in heat bands;

8. Picture When the heat band is to be used in fixed temperature,

9. Picture When the heat band is to be change temperatures,

10. Picture to see the heating level.

Please click here to choose a device apart from the ones, listed here.

Band Heater Types :

PVC Heat Band
Elastomeric Band Heater
Silicon Heat Bands
Polyester Band Heater
Silicon Heat Cable
High Degree Heating Tape
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