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Misconceptions Regarding The Electric Blankets

[Important Points Are Repeated In Several Instances For The Attention]

The electric blanket is not taken on like a fleece blanket.

When the blankets are mentioned, it is usually thought that it is taken on like a fleece blanket. The electric under blanket is laid on between the bed and the bed sheet. It is used by laying down on the bed.

You lay down on it while the blanket is on and operational.

This point is not known accurately and is also told in an inaccurate manner. The electric blanket generates heat; it does not preserve or store the heat. Therefore, the real benefit is achieved when you lay down on it while it is operational. Thus while in this state, the electric blanket would provide a level of heat under the core temperature which would not make you cold or make you sweat.

You cannot realize whether it works or not when it is on outside.

Since it generates a temperature below the human body temperature, this heat dissipates rapidly when the blanket is out and you wouldn't understand whether it works or not.

It is not used folded.

The surface of the electric blanket is the surface which generates the heat. When the blanket is folded or wrinkled on those areas, the heat would be trapped around those areas and thus the temperature would rise.

This leads to unwanted occurrences. This is the most important matter to pay attention to while using the electric under blankets.

It is insulated against the electricity

The heating components and connector fittings are insulated against the humidity. There is no risk of electric shock.

The electric under blanket is not used by children or by people who have no sensitivty regarding the heat.

According to the relevant standard, the product should not be used by / on infants or people whom has no heat sensitivity or by those who do not understand how it is operated.

The Electric Blankets has been manufactured for you to provide a cozy sleep in your warm bed in cold winter nights.

The blanket should be laid down to a bed with convenient size without folding or wrinkle. After plugging in and setting the blanket to hot setting via the control, the bed would be warm enough for you to feel the heat when you lay down, within half an hour.

It is used with laying directly on it until morning. If the temperature is too hot, the control setting should be set to warm. This temperature is enough for you to sleep until morning in safety while the The Electric Blankets is on.

Because The Electric Blankets is manufactured for your comfortable sleep without chilling or sweating, its temperatures are set for the bed conditions. You may not understand whether it works or not by operating it on normal ground or hand-checking.

Attention should be given to the situations where there may be a wrinkle or shrinkage that may occur as the result of the collapses in cotton or wool beds.

The blanket should be unplugged when not in use. Please read the Important Information.

As you may see from the table below, the blankets are manufactured as;

Single Size Electrical Under Bankets,

Double Size Electrical Under Bankets,

With two separate controls Electrical Under Bankets,

Benefits of Electrical Under Banket :

It dismisses the necessity to heat up the entire room by heating up only the bed therefore it provides saving.
It can be used for health problems where the heat provides comfort.
You can use it for hot sand treatment
You can use it to remove the humidity of the bed.

Technical Specifications of Electrical Under Banket :

Code Type Volt AC. Ohm Watt Amp. Size (cm) Inbox
13090 Single size 220 691 70/35 0,318 90 x 150 30
13120 Double Size 220 691 70/35 0,318 120 x 150 26
13140 Two Separate Controls 220 2 x 806 2 x (60/30) 2 x 0.272 140 x 170 15
Sık Sorulan Sorular Frequently Asked Questions:
What is an electric under blanket?

What is an electric under blanket ?

Elektrikli Battaniyenin Kullanılışı

One of many different kinds of electric blanket, electrical under blanket is a kind which is laid down between the bed and the sheet.

The warm setting is switched when you feel hot.

When you have no need, it is switched off.

The use of electrical blanket!

The use of electrical blanket !

Elektrikli Alt Battaniyenin Kullanımı ?

The blanket is laid to the upper side of the bed, from the pillow side downwards without making any wrinkle.

Such application is clearly seen in the picture below.

The electric heating blanket is used with a sheet that is laid down onto it.

Its core temperature is at a level below normal human body temperature which is not irritating.

If this temperature irritates the user especially in nice weathers, the setting can be switched to warm and the blanket can be shut down if required.

Should we unplug the blanket when we go to sleep?

Should we unplug the blanket when we go to sleep?


There is no need to unplug the blanket at night when you are sleeping.

If you don't need to use it, you can go to sleep after switching the setting to off.

If required, the electrical under blanket is used with laying down onto it. Its temperature is below the body temperature for not irritating the user.

Can we use stretch sheet?

Can we use stretch sheet?

Streç Çarşaf

You can use our product with stretch sheet.

However, you should pay attention to the blanket not to be wrinkled when using stretch sheet.

What should be paying attention while using the blanket.

What should be paying attention while using the blanket.

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The most important detail to pay attention is to use the blanket without wrinkles.

If required, the blanket should be stretched from its edges.

It should not be activated when folded. Also it should not be folded when hot.

Can we use it to cover our knees.

Can we use it to cover our knees.

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You sould absolutely not use the blanket in this fashion. The heat will rise because the temperature will be blocked within the possible wrinkles.

Are the temperature same in all surfaces.

Are the temperature same in all surfaces.

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Yes, the blanket is comprised of one circuit therefore the temperature differences on the surface is below 5 ⁰C.

So there is no possibility that one section is heated up and another is not.

Is there any risk for electric shock ?

Is there any risk for electric shock ?

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The heating element of the blanket is insulated with high temperature resistant PVC just like an electrical cable.

The important point is not to wrinkle while using.

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