Drum Heater

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Drum Heaters

The drum heaters brings the material inside the barrel to an intended temperature and keeps it at that temperature as well.

Thanks to this application, the material is always ready for use.

The drum Heater Types :

Code Type Height Length Volt Watt
B0090 Drum Heaters+61016 30 cm. 90 cm.. 220 780
B1090 Drum Heaters+62012 30 cm. 90 cm.. 220 780
B0128 Drum Heaters+61016 30 cm. 128 cm. 220 675
B1128 Drum Heaters+62012 30 cm. 128 cm. 220 675
B1129 Drum Heaters+62012 57 cm. 129 cm. 220 1.420
B0133 Drum Heaters+61016 50 cm. 133 cm. 220 1000
B1133 Drum Heaters+62012 50 cm. 133 cm. 220 1000
B0167 Drum Heaters+61016 50 cm. 167 cm. 220 1320
B1167 Drum Heaters+62012 50 cm. 167 cm. 220 1320
BY180 Insulaition Jacket 65 cm. 180 cm. --- ---

We started the production of the special heaters that have never been produced in Turkey before by the R&D department that was formed within our company in 2003.

Inıtially, we developed the flexible heaters that the industry specially needed and presented them to those who is in need.

Our drum heaters are superior to other known heaters with their homogenous temperature distribution, sensitive temperature control and high efficiency.

The products that we developed are being used successfully in order to meet the requirements of medical, construction, agriculture, stockbreeding, shipbuilding, defence and production industries.

We develop instruments and devices that match the use of our products.

We provide services across Turkey.

Our R&D activities regarding heaters are being conducted at the most proficient labratuary by the most precise devices and continue in this manner.

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PS .

1 - We preserve the right to make changes in our products.
2 - We make special production for different types of tubes.
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