Heating The Pipes

Heating The Pipes

Elastomeric Band

Safe, reliable and economic elastomeric band that can be used in everywhere pair with a temperature control device.

Special purpose built silicon band with temperature control for special place is that require safety.

Polyester Band

The film heater that can be manufactured according to the intended power output and to the size of the pipe.

Silicon Heat Cable

The silicon cable with heating control that you can cut from any length and use.

We started the production of the Industrial Heaters that have never been produced in Turkey before by the R&D department that was formed within our company in 2003.

Inıtially, we developed the flexible Industrial Heaters that the industry specially needed and presented them to those who is in need.

Our film heaters are superior to the already known heaters by homogenic.

Industrial Heaters that we developed are being used successfully in order to meet the requirements of medical, construction, agriculture, stockbreeding, shipbuilding, defence and production industries.

We develop instruments and devices that match the use of Industrial Heaters.

We provide services across Turkey.

Our R&D activities regarding heaters are being conducted at the most proficient labratuary by the most precise devices and continue in this manner.

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