Elastomeric Band Heater

Elastomeric Band Heater

Elastomeric Band Heater

This is a product, developed and manufactured in order to meet the heating band requirements of the industry.

Spiral resistor is wrapped around the glass fiber thread and is isolated with elastomere. It is resistant to high temperatures and lasts long. Its narrow width enables to wrap around the heater well.

Those band heaters that we manufacture shall be standardized after a trial manufacturing to be held in specific power and length based on the demand on the market.

When we reach to this point of progress, the standard length and power outputs will be posted at our website.

Should not be bent during the application as it should not ov erlap.

Types and technical specs :

Code Type Width Thickness Length Watt
EB102 Elastomeric Tape Heater 11 mm. 2 mm. 2 mt. 48
EB112 Elastomeric Tape Heater 11 mm. 2 mm. 12 mt. 280
EB160 Elastomeric Tape Heater 11 mm. 2 mm. 60 mt. 2100

Places of use Where is it used in :

For heating the pipes.

For preventing the fringes and grooves.
<< Things to consider for heat bands>>

The Heat Tape is required to prevent the freeze of the communication pipes in winters, to increas the viscosity of the industrial materials with lower viscosity and to prevent the cooling down of various materials.

The quality, technical specifications and the prices of The Heat Bands vary according to the application.

You can contact us if you hesitate to choose between the products.

We strongly recommend to use The Heat Tapes with temperature control just like our all other devices.

We would like to state that implementing heat insulation in heat bands with no temperature control may lead to the uncontrolled increase of the heat and may result to unwanted conditions.

You may choose the devices, which are appropriate to be used with our Heat Tape line, from here.

We recommend, just like our all other devices, the use of temperature control.

Band Heater Types :

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Elastomeric Band Heater
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