HYI Heating Hoses

HYI Heating Hoses

HYI Heating Hose

The layers of heating hoses;

1- Teflon hose,
2- Steel wire netting,
3- Glass fiber tape,
4- Hose heater,
5- Strong insulation,
6- Glass fiber tape,
7- Outer wire netting surface.

With the heating system that we applied to flexible hoses with steel wire netting exterior; we heat up the hose to the 250 ⁰C, which is the temperature limit that the Teflon can constantly with stand.

The heating hoses are serious requirements in industries such as automotive, textile, packing, food, shipbuilding, chemical, wood processing, furniture, construction, pharmaceutical, filter making etc.

In order to meet with such a need, we added all kinds of pressure resistant flexible and high temperature heating hoses to our product range.

When indicating the requirements of the client, it is helpful to share the specifications of the current hose.

If the heating hoses is to renew the hose that you are using, to indicate the voltage of the heater, its watt value, internal diameter, pressure to be applied, intended temperature, fitting and thermocouple type if the aim is to manufacture a product according to a new, custom requirement.

Our strong insulation provides ease of use in addition to prevent the loss of heat.

We provide two year warranty against the heater defects. (Except the hose)

Kinds and Technical Specifications :

Code Type Internal Diameter External Diameter Length
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