IBC02 IBC Heaters

IBC02 IBC Tank Isıtıcısı IBC02 IBC Tank Isıtıcısı

IBC02 IBC Heaters

Since some chemicals are not pure, they leave residue at the center of the tank.

In such cases, due to the fact that higher temperatures may melt the tank, the product is manufactured in order to heat up the base, in which the residue exists.

The heater is comprised of two heaters with serial connection, placed between the bases of the pallet and 2 insulation materials, placed on the bottom.

In case there is an IBC01 Tank Heater, the settings to make a connection with that product is also available.

The parts are fastened with velcro fasteners and therefore ease of use is provided.

IBC02 Tank Heater may be complementary to the heater or in some cases, may be an alternative product as well.

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IBC Heaters with flexible film system are developed in order to meet the requirements in this area as a national and high quality alternative.

Our flexible heaters that surround the external sides of the tank completely are united with a Velcro fastener at side.

The straps that cross over the tank relieves the overall weight stress of the heater.

The 62012 electronic Control system on The IBC Heater enables the tank to reach to the indented temperatures and keep them still.

By our device, you program the operation durations of the heaters to run in within an intended period of time.

Also our insulation jackets that are manufactured in two types as indoor and outdoor in order to protect the tank against adverse environmental conditions therefore providing ease of reaching the intended temperature and energy saving.

Technical Specifications of the IBC Tank Heater :

Code Type Width Length Volt AC. Control Device Watt Wight Kg. Cartoon Dimensions
IBC01 IBC Heaters 100 cm. 440 cm. 220 62012 2.650 10,700 27 x 27 x 110 cm.
IBC02 IBC Heaters 30 cm. 80 cm. 220 62012 1.500 3,600 35 x 20 x 100 cm.
IBCY1 IBC Insulation Jacket 100 cm. 460 cm. --- --- --- 24,900 40 x 60 x 110 cm.
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