Pxxxx Soldering Pots

Soldering Pots

We present our soldering pots with digital temperature control in three different specifications.

The bodies of our solder pot range is grey cast iron and are painted with heat resistant dye (including the outer frame) in order for a long term use.

Thanks to the temperature control devices, produced by our company, you may program the time of operation and its duration.

During the pauses in the operation, the machines goes to stand-by mode and works with half power output.

Therefore, solder decomposition is prevented.

Next to our middle and large size models, 2 special clips that are used to solder the cards easily and one apparatus that is used to remove the flux residues from the solder easily, come with the package.

Solder Types :

This line of products have been developed and launched by us upon your requests in this regard.

Our devices have cast body.

The products have a clean usable surface that was painted with a heat resistant paint.

Thanks to its special design and strong insulation, the temperature control unit is a single part.

You can also implement the temperature control system, developed by our company, to be able to set up the starting time and duration of operation.

In addition, you can activate standby mode easly with a push of a button when you pause your work. Thanks to this feature, the device can be ready to resume operation instantly thus saving energy and preventing the loss of solder.

All requirements and needs in this regard are addressed with three devices.

The apparatuses, bundled with the solder pots enable you to hold and solder the PCB cards easily.

The flux cleaning apparatus, bundled with the solder pot provides convenience as well.

Cable Soldering Card Soldering Card Soldering
Code P0606 P1525 P2040
Pool Size 3 x 5 cm. 15x25x2,5 cm. 20x40x3 cm.
Solder Capacity 180 gr. 7 kg. 21 kg.
Watt 400 1000 2500
Net weight 2,9 kg. 8,4 kg. 16,5 kg.
Temp.control 62018 62018 62018
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