SLxx Silicon Heater

Silicon Heater

SLxx Silicon Heater

The Properties of the Silicon Leaf heaters

1- Manufactured from film heaters,
2- It has homogenous heat distribution,
3- May control the temperature sensitively,
4- Strong heat insulation can be applied,
5- It is suitable for high temperature requirements,
6- It is manufactured based on the requirements or samples,
7- Have longer life span in lower temperatures.

The silicon foliar heaters are a special heater range that is used in many areas such as machinery.

This product, which had been imported until now, is now manufactured by our company with the same level of quality in desired power, dimensions and shape.

Due to the fact that the main heating component is film, it has the advantages of the film heater.

Its total width is 1 mm.

We develop instruments and devices that match the use of our products.

You may choose the devices, which are appropriate to be used with our Silicon Heater line, from here.

We recommend, just like our all other devices, the use of temperature control.

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