Tube Heater


Tube Heater

It provides an efficient and maximum use of the material by keeping the tubes in ambient temperature.

Standard tube heaters :

Code Type Control Size cm. Watt Volt
T0100 Tube Heater 61016 26x 100 300 220
T1100 Tube Heater 62012 26 x 100 300 220
T0072 Tube Heater 61016 50 x 72 440 220
T1072 Tube Heater 62012 50 x 72 440 220
T0115 Tube Heater 61016 50 x 115 600 220
1115 Tube Heater 62012 50 x 115 600 220
T0116 Tube Heater 61016 90 x 115 900 220
T1116 Tube Heater 62012 90 x 115 900 220
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After the establishment of our in-house R&D department in 2003, we have began our works of designing and manufacturing the heaters that had not been manufactured in Turkey before.

We developed the flexible heaters, which are required greatly by the national industry and thus we presented them to those who are in need.

Our film heaters are superior to the conventional heaters due to their homogenous heat dispersion, precise temperature control and high efficiency.

And one of the needs of our industry is the Gas Tube Heaters.

The gas inside the gas tubes condense in cold weathers and gather at the bottom of the tube. This decreases the pressure. The gas tubes require a heating application to overcome this problem.

Our Gas Tube Heater Applications include the following;

LPG tube Heater,
Ammoniac Tube Heater,
Propane Tube Heater,
Azote tube Heater,
Carbon Tube Heater,

Our Tube Heaters that we develop are successfully implemented in medical, chemical and agricultural fields as well as the Shipbuilding, defense and manufacturing industries.

We also develop devices that are in line of the purposes of the heating products.

We provide our services across Turkey.

Our R&D works continue with progress due in one of the most well equipped labs in Turkey with the cutting edge devices.

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