Satellite Dish Heater

The crystallization and freeze off of the TV broadcast signals in cold weathers are serious problems for the users and the broadcasting companies.

The satellite dish heaters that we developed for such conditions, go online automatically in case the weather temperature goes down below 10 °C thanks to the temperature control device and prevents the audio and visual deteriorations, resulting from the frosting of the dish.

As you know, there are various types of antenna and dishes as well their connections.

There are examples of this on the upper line of the side picture.

Therefore the production is undertaken according to the satellite dish that is required.

Since the manufacturing is to be made product specific, a picture that shows the antenna connections is required in addition to dimensions of the side connections (as depicted on the middle line of the pictures at side. ) during the order phase.

The satellite dish heaters go online automatically in case the temperature drops below 10 °C thanks to the electronic temperature control. It prevents the audio and visual distortion caused by the freezing up of the antenna.

They are produced in 220V as standard. However, especially for the mobile applications like cars, 12V dc or 24V dc are also produced.


Before installing the dish heater to the satellite dish, the back side of the dish should be cleaned and dried. After this, the cover paper from the back side of the heater is removed and the heater is applied to the dry area.


If you follow the steps indicated above properly, there will be no further intervention required to the heater.

The electronic control device would go online automatically depending on the weather conditions.

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